Mechanical Piping

Our Specialties


Whether you need full or partial HVAC system replacement or green building installations, our experts at comfort Systems USA Intermountain, Inc. will deliver. We will install and design any type of heating, cooling, or air filtration system that you require in your building. We also install high-efficiency and sustainable comfort systems designed to be the most cost-effective on the market and geared to our climate and your particular property.

Our estimating and design team will meet with you, go over your plans and your overall goals and requirements for the project. After discussing what functions are most critical to your design, the team will create a plan which includes engineered drawings and innovative proposals.


Comfort Systems has been at the forefront of new technology and has produced design build projects to our clients saving them more than $1,000,000. Our nationwide presence allows us to reach out to and learn new technologies from each other. The technology that surrounds and creates these energy saving systems have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, helping their budget meet their project’s short- and long-term goals.

Planned Specification

Comfort Systems USA Intermountain, Inc. can provide you a quality project based on your existing plans. Our estimators will provide a complete quote for your project after reviewing the plans carefully and in detail. Our nationwide network with the major manufacturers of all types of HVACR equipment gives us the buying power to insure you get the most accurate price for your project. Our in-house sheet metal shop insures that your fabrication is done to specification requirements and is quality controlled. The experienced project managers will manage your project with care and attention to detail, communicating each phase of the project process to the proper entities. All these elements combined provide you the superior project we are proud to be part of.

Budget Sensitivity

Comfort Systems’ will review your plans and propose alternative methods of heating, cooling, ventilation, installation, or any other aspect that may affect your HVACR systems. Because we are continually seeking technology and break-through methods to improve efficiency in both the equipment we recommend and the way we manage the project, we can often save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Offering innovative and cost-saving options allows the owner the ability to meet their overall project goals while still meeting performance requirements from the HVACR system.