Customer Survey

Welcome to your Customer Survey

1. Your initial contact was handled promptly and professionally.
2. The service or sales representative was on time, ready to serve you.
3. The workmanship met or exceeded your expectations.
4. The service technician’s work area was left neat, clean and orderly.
5. The service technician/sales representative was knowledgeable, capable, and answered all of your questions to your satisfaction.
6. Overall, the experience of working with Comfort Systems USA Intermountain was a good one.
7. Based on your experience with our company, would you recommend Comfort Systems to a friend or neighbor?
If “yes”, please ask your friend or neighbor to mention your name so we may thank you appropriately for your referral.

If “no”, please tell us what your concern(s) are and how we may regain your trust.
8. Do you feel we have fallen short of our goal to provide superior service to you?
If “yes”, please explain. (Call us if there is something requiring immediate attention.)
If there was one thing we could do better to serve you in the future, what would that be?
May we use your positive comments on our web site testimonials page?