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Backflow Testing

The State of Utah requires annual testing to insure your safety by protecting drinking water from harmful toxins such as: fertilizers, weed killers, fire protection chemicals and many more household products. Comfort Systems USA is dedicated to simplify all your backflow prevention needs; including testing, certification, surveys, service and maintenance.

We are recognized by all suburban water providers as a qualified testing company. We have the experience and ability to manage all sizes and models of backflow prevention assemblies that are manufactured for all types of water distribution systems. We are here to help!

This experience ensures you are in compliance with local water and building departments. After completing our tests, Comfort Systems USA Intermountain handles all of the paperwork and processing for your convenience. Copies of all necessary documents are sent to the water provider or municipality, a copy is left with you at the time of service, and an additional copy is maintained in our files for future reference.